Velvet Upholstery Samples

Perfect Luxury Fabric

Velvet Fabric for Upholstery

Our velvet upholstery fabric is soft to the touch and no need of high maintenance. Therefore, this amazing fabric makes it an ideal choice for elegant event settings. It may be used for soft furniture upholstery as well as wall hangings and drapes.

Premium & Inexpensive Choice

Purchase Velvet Fabric Online

Velvet became far more inexpensive for such a premium fabric once mass manufacturing of the material was possible. At Fixit Upholstery, you may browse a wide assortment of velvet fabric for upholstery, obtain samples, or purchase fabric by the yard for drapes and curtains at distributor wholesale pricing.

Unparalleled Comfort

Velvet fabric is often used for home décor

Velvet is a fashionable fabric that is distinguished by its softness, opulence, and glittering nap. Velvet is formed by a unique horizontal and vertical weave of evenly-distributed yarn that is sheared to a very low pile, giving velvet a texture of sheen and softness. Like many other fabric kinds, velvet may be woven from a variety of yarn fibers.
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