Nubuck Upholstery Samples

Remarkable Fabric

Samples of Nubuck Upholstery Fabric

A very remarkable nubuck fabric that is nearly identical to the real thing. Nabucco has a weathered, worn-in look and a gorgeously soft semi-sueded texture. It comes in twelve traditional nubuck hues that provide any upholstery project a genuine sense of grandeur. Normally fire-retardant and completely breathable. Ideal for all applications involving soft furnishings and upholstery.

Adaptable Design Options

Made to Fit Any Preference or Style

Our Nubuk upholstery samples come in a variety of styles to fit every taste, from traditional to modern. Every style and choice may be complemented by something from our selection, whether you’re wanting to create a modern masterpiece or a comfortable hideaway.

Convenience Driven Design

Meets Lasting Beauty With Nubuk Upholstery.

Take pleasure in Nubuk upholstery’s beauty without the trouble. Our carefully chosen materials are exceptionally low maintenance and incredibly soft, so you can keep your furniture looking brand new with little effort. Bid farewell to wear and stains and welcome to long-lasting beauty and simple upkeep.
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