Sofa Cushions

What We Provide

Our Entire Foam & Cushion Solutions

We at Fixit Upholstery think that offering services goes beyond only selling goods. We make sure that every cushion or foam is fitted precisely with our all-inclusive service. We have you covered with everything from booster pads to improve your seating experience to a large selection of materials for cushion covers that need to be reupholstered. You can rely on us to handle cushion and foam solutions with care and accuracy.

Made To Order In Dubai

Replaceable Covers For Sofa Cushions

If all your couch needs is a makeover, we can replace its worn-out cushion coverings. We offer something for everyone thanks to our wide selection of cushion coverings. Including elegant materials and designs from us, to family-friendly stain-resistant coverings. However, we may also utilize fabric that you supply if you have a specific idea in mind. We are always here to provide you with our wealth of knowledge and advice on this.

Sofa Upholstery

Refilling Sofa Cushions

Whether the underside of your sofa or chair is in good condition or needs internal repairs (such as re-webbing, re-springing, refilling, or re-cushioning), it is typically easy to restore to like-new condition and less expensive than buying a new one. You can even produce a better product than the original by combining ancient knowledge and techniques with contemporary materials!
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