Emperor Headboards

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Headboards for Emperors

One of the few high-end handcrafted bed companies that provides an Emperor size bed and headboard is Fixit Upholstery Company. Our emperor headboards may be customized to fit your exact specifications and look amazing in any of our fifty available fabrics. Our expert manufacturers handcraft each of our emperor size headboards at our factory located in Dubai.

Sturdy Luxurious

Royal Treatment and Superior Quality

Fixit Upholstery emperor headboards are the result of superb craftsmanship, lovingly created by skilled artisans who follow the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Our headboards are long-lasting and constructed from premium materials that won’t fade. Take advantage of years of elegance and comfort without sacrificing toughness.

Personalized Consultation

Customized Beauty, Made Just for You

Our selection of Emperor Headboards transports you to a realm of custom beauty with their captivating designs that enhance the mood of any bedroom. We are committed to assisting you in realizing your idea, and our team of design specialists is here to help. Take advantage of one-on-one discussions to design an Emperor Headboard that is uniquely yours.
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