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Do you possess any upholstered furniture that is missing parts, ripped, or broken? Do you need some vinyl straps or a replacement sling to be able to sit in your chairs again? Wouldn’t it be nice to have it like new again without having to pay a fortune to replace it? Do you wish you could alter the design or color to match? You have come to the correct site if the answer to any of these questions is yes!


Premium & Durable Materials

The majority of our patio furniture is constructed with extra-strength resin wicker on an aluminum frame, providing a long-lasting framework that can withstand moisture, sun, temperature fluctuations, and other factors for many years to come. Our cushions are constructed from synthetic fibers, which are stain- and mildew-resistant and maintain their color.

Why Fixit Upholstery Touched Up?

We Offer Complete Patio Services

Fixit Upholstery has been offering expert furniture repair and refinishing services to the Dubai region for more than ten years. You may find our patio and outdoor furniture repair services. Get in touch with us right now if you enjoy your patio furniture and want to revamp your outside area. Whatever needs to be fixed in your backyard, we can do. Get your free estimate now to get started on the path to enjoying your time outside, or fill out our contact form for additional information.
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