Arabic Majlis

Forever Beauty

Conserving & Restoring the Arabic Majlis Tradition

With our careful repair services, you may maintain the tradition of Arabic majlis artistry. Regardless of the extent of the repairs needed, Fixit Upholstery Dubai group is committed to preserving the originality and allure of your furniture. Explore the charm of priceless artifacts that have been revived and are likely to be appreciated for a very long time.

Complementary Décor

Complete-Service Design Advice

Give our skilled designers a call to help you create an Arabic majlis setting that suits your style and way of life. The procedure will be seamless and welcoming. Find the ideal finishing touches, such as elaborate lighting fixtures and carpets, to go with your Arabic majlis furniture.

Custom Design

High-Quality Textiles & Materials

Select from a carefully chosen array of high-quality textiles and materials to guarantee longevity, coziness, and style for many years to come. Custom Arabic majlis furniture made to your exact requirements will make a statement. From choosing the best materials to creating beautiful details, our skilled artisans work with you to realize your vision. Improve the look of your interior decor with unique pieces that showcase your exquisite taste and uniqueness.
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